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It took two thousand years before the image of Mary Magdalene was changed. She is NOT a prostitute. She was not a sinful woman. In this episode at the resurrection, her real role in salvation history has been clearly defined by Christ himself. “Go to my brothers…” And so she went and told the apostles: I HAVE SEEN THE LORD AND THIS IS WHAT HE SAID TO ME. So she is the first witness of the Resurrection. She is an apostle (person sent) to the apostles themselves. To see the Lord is not just a matter of physical seeing. It meant spiritual seeing. In those words Magdalene expressed that she finally understood what Christ has often repeated to his apostles and disciples – that HE IS TRULY THE SON OF GOD. HE DIED AND HE ROSE AGAIN. HE SAVED US FROM OUR SIN AND IS NOW PRECEDING US TO THE FATHER TO WHOM WE SHALL ALSO ASCEND IN GOD’S GOOD TIME. That is the compendium of the GOSPEL, the good news of salvation. A woman, Mary Magdalene, as witness to the Resurrection, was the first to comprehend it and became an emissary to the apostles whose mission it was to spread it to the whole world.


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