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Peter, filled by the Holy Spirit, uttered these words to the Jews to show to them that Jesus, whom they have rejected after thousands of years waiting for him, is indeed the Messiah as proven by the curing of the cripple in his name. Sometimes there are students who seemed quite ordinary in school but later on became very successful in their career or became heroes or models of excellence. They were not given any honors, they graduated without any “laude” and their teachers perhaps never thought anything special will happen to them. I am thinking here for example of Clarissa Ocampo. She was a very quiet girl, not at all an activist type, or champion of any cause. And yet decades later, she showed a singular courage when she witnessed in the impeachment trial of a former President which led to his conviction. Who would have thought that that quiet girl would somehow change the course of history. She suffered personally from that courageous act ending her marriage, her career as a banker, and having her children undergo counselling, aside from having threats to her life. But she rose to the moment. And all her mentors felt it was worthwhile — all their effort to inculcate social responsibility in their students. 


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