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Lectio Divina

Read: The Acts describe the “exceptional time of grace” among the first Christian community where everyone cared for everyone else. Tough act, but for those born of God, His commandments are not burdensome, but are spontaneous response to the gratuitous life Christ offers. The Risen Christ breathes the Holy Spirit on the apostles, and Thomas wins a personal favor from him. 

Reflect: There is something about touch that the human beings long for. In the Garden of Eden, when the snake asked for details of God’s prohibitions, Eve responded: “You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden; nor shall you touch it [emphasis added], or you shall die” (Gen 3:3). The prohibition of touch was not in God’s original words (cf. Gen 2:17), but was an inventive amplification of Eve’s desire. Jesus fully well responds to this deep desire to touch, and invites Thomas to touch him intimately and know who he is. How he, the desire of the nations, responds to the deepest and secret desires of ours! What exceptional time of Grace!

Pray: Make a prayer expressing the deepest desire of your heart. He will respond. 

Act: Today, express your desire and allow yourself to be acted upon by God.


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