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The sentence before this says: “Whoever does wrong hates the light and doesn’t come into the light for fear that his deeds will be seen as evil” Darkness and wrongdoing come together. When people begin telling a lie, they go deeper and deeper into darkness and after sometime they no longer know what is truth and what are lies in their lives. We see this many times in the lives of politicians who have to cover up their misdeeds until they live under layers and layers of light. But as soon as someone experiences true conversion, the first thing s/he does is to come out of darkness and emerge into light. I saw this when we put Jun Lozada, the NBN-ZTE whistleblower, in our sanctuary. I witnessed his move from darkness into light and became a champion of truth-telling. He said once, ”It is relatively easy to tell the truth in one grand moment like appearing before the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing. What is difficult is to continue living in TRUTH to be living always in the light where one’s every action can be scrutinized and judged.” But the freedom of spirit, the joy of life that come with the commitment to truth and to live in the light is infinitely more worthwhile than living in darkness.


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