Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza cmf


Gospel John 6:30-35

 - The magical character reappears on stage; that is what the people want from Jesus: that they make a "sign" that leads, automatically, to the full acceptance of the Prophet. In catechesis, the evangelist presents Jesus as one who, in continuity but overcoming the sign of manna, now offers the definitive bread, the one that can satisfy his most vital and profound hunger. To reach that encounter in faith is necessary to overcome other quasi-magical pretensions.

- The insistence of Jesus is to return to the original: the will and the will of the Father. There lies the whole secret and there is fullness. And He, Jesus, lives it in a unique, full and total way; his identity with that project of the Father is such, that doing his will is true food, that which gives him the strength to continue "doing good". To reach that point and that situation is the goal of any faith process, which entails a maturity that surpasses previous stages.

- Also to the believer and to the man of today, Jesus offers himself as one who can satisfy his deepest and most vital hunger; and even offers a way to live it: to know and experience the project of the Father-God. In Jesus he "takes flesh" and that plan of life becomes visible. Like and enjoy it, is the goal of this Easter. Are we aware of this PROPOSAL that is being made to us? We may settle for something superficial and inconsistent. But the offer-proposal that is being offered to us is much deeper and affects the ROOTS of our being and our life.

"Lord Jesus, be our daily bread that will nourish in us eternal life and make us live communion with you, with the Father and with our brothers and sisters".


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