Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza cmf

Gospel John 6 35-40

- This is the history of humanity through the ages: look for something that satisfies your hunger. Here we are offered this discourse-catechesis on the Bread of Life, which starts from the loving initiative of the Father and which is realized in Jesus and in his work. Here, the evangelist launches us into the full and trusting reception of the Master, as he himself has fully and totally assumed the will of the Father. That is the secret of the whole life of Jesus and, of course, of his proposal.

- And it is that this welcome involves the fullness, the "eternal life", the one that Jesus himself gives to those who welcome him into their lives; He is the one who satisfies the hunger that nests in the human heart. Therefore, to a hungry humanity, God sends his Son as the true bread that will satisfy him.

- That is why, to open ourselves each day to the one who can satisfy our hunger for life and fulfillment, to welcome him with full trust and to signify him in the Eucharistic bread, is the PATH that the "beloved disciple" is indicating to us as the one that will produce in us those desired fruits. That is how he understands Jesus, and all that is expressed in that "Bread of Life". Therefore, it is much more than communicating or not communicating.

"Lord Jesus, you are the bearer of life in fullness, which the God-Father himself offers us freely. feed us with your Life, so that all hunger be satiated in us and we can offer our brothers the gift that endures".


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