Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Joseba Kamiruaga Mieza cmf
Gospel John 6: 52-59

- All this reflection-catechesis ends with a series of reactions to the proposal of Jesus. For some it is "hard", impossible to admit; we do not know what shocks them most, that Jesus, in short, for them, a worker from the next town, although he has shown himself to be a good preacher and performs miracles, affirms with determination that he is the one sent by God and that you have to believe in him to have life; or that one must "eat his body and drink his blood", in clear allusion to the Eucharist and that they do not understand. In fact, the evangelist notes that "since then many of his disciples retreated and did not go with him again".

- And it is that accepting Jesus and admitting him into one's life, with all that it entails, is not easy. It welcomes, gives life and consolation, but its style also supposes a demand that -on more than one occasion- will enter into conflict and contradiction with the tastes that come from the environment. And it is that adhering to his person and to his proposals is a GIFT that comes from the same Father, although, the man can reject that gift and the communion of life with Jesus or accept it and be vivified by his Spirit.

- In this Paschal time, here we find his followers, invited to believe in him, to welcome him, to adhere to his vision of God, of life, of history, of events. This is "entering into communion" with Him, expressed in the Eucharist and celebrated. How is our Easter Path? What steps have we taken and assumed?

"Lord Jesus, in you we have placed my trust, beyond what we can see and understand. Grant us to enter into deep communion with you so that our life may have meaning and fullness".


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