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Jesus said he came to give us life, life in all its fullness. When one looks at our society, there are many people who have not even the bare necessities of life. There are so many Filipinos who do not own their own houses in their own land. In fact there are many street families and those that cannot even eat three times a day. When one asks, why is this so in our land which is so rich in natural resources. It is because there is such an unequal distribution of wealth, there is the foreign control of our economy and there is the greed of those who gain by exploiting other people. Jesus wants us and everyone to have a FULLNESS OF LIFE. Maybe we should begin by doing what we can so that people should at least have their basic necessities fulfilled. We need genuine land reform so that people can own land. We need industrialization to give people a way of earning a living. We need to fight corruption in all its forms so that the money that people acquire unjustly can be used for the social services to people in need. LORD JESUS, GIVE US AND OUR PEOPLE THE FULLNESS OF LIFE.


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