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This is a promise that Jesus made and he always fulfills what he promises. Some may object and say “I prayed and prayed for something, but I did not get it.” There is also a saying that goes: Be careful what you ask, you may actually get it and will be sorry you got it. The thing is God knows what is good for us more than we do. I remember when I was just a young Sister, I was enjoying my teaching in St. Scholastica’s Manila and I was a bit disappointed when I was told I was going to be transferred to St. Agnes in Legazpi. And yet looking back, those two years in Legazpi are where I really grew up and learned not only to be a real teacher but to take care of young girls since I was appointed in charge of the boarders. I also learned to make speeches for the contestants to the BACS meet or mini Olympics of the schools of the region. It is where I learned to be creative and innovative. God does answer our prayers, not just in the way we want it. 


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