Commentary on the Gospel of

Eduardo Madrazo, cmf

During Easter time, we read the book of Acts. It is a great opportunity to learn how it was at the beginning of the church. It was not an easy beginning, it was very challenging, full of uncertainty, but on the other hand thrilling and full of enthusiasm.

Yesterday, Paul was leaving Athens; the preaching had been unsuccessful and only a few joined the community. Today's reading presents Paul in Corinth full of enthusiasm, ready to sow the Gospel and put down the foundations of one of the most blooming communities of the primitive church.

I want to underline one detail, maybe it is not the most important one. We realize that Paul joined a couple (Aquila and Priscila) and shared with them work and faith. Sharing life and faith with them, Paul understood family life from its inside. This experience will help Paul later to understand the worries and needs of other people that he came across. When we experience something in our lives, we can understand other people better and we get closer to them in a different way.

We read in the Gospel Jesus’ enigmatic words. The disciples are confused and a bit sad. They are not sure if they will be able to continue with the mission without Jesus. Many times, we have the same experience. Are we able to continue that mission? Are we strong enough to overcome difficulties? Our faith reassures us that Jesus’ absence is his presence in another way. He was with the disciples and he is with us, sadness does not have the last word. He is with us- this is a great reason to be happy. Looking around you, you may find many reasons to be happy. Jesus is with you and encourages you to spread out the joy of the Gospel.


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