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Lectio Divina

Read: The Event of Pentecost and the Birth of the Church: the Holy Spirit descends on the apostles who are transformed into the messengers of the Gospel. In the gospel, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and breathes on the disciples. Paul reminds us that all gifts, ministries, and works are the handiwork of the Holy Spirit with the purpose of producing spiritual fruit in us and making us into one body of Christ. 

Reflect: Pentecostal event is the reverse and a corrective of the Tower of Babel event (Gen. 11:1-9). In attempting to build the Tower, humanity took it upon itself the task of unifying the world without any reference to God, but their efforts ended in great crisis, leading to scattering of the peoples – exactly the opposite of what they had intended. In the Pentecost, God gathers the people around and bestows on them the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit to unite all into one body in Christ. In our modern embrace of globalization, it is good to remember that we cannot make a world community of our own without reference to God and the assistance of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit of God. For He alone can unite us. 

Pray: Pray for the world to pivot itself on God, recognizing His primacy and centrality. 

Act: Do a faith-sharing at the family dinner table tonight. 


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