Commentary on the Gospel of

Take note of the dynamic between Raphael and Tobias. Raphael (Azarias) informs Tobias about Ragouel and his whereabouts, and advises Tobias that they should spend the night at Ragouel’s house. But it is Tobias who takes the final decision. He decides and orders Raphael: “Friend Azarias, take me straightaway to our friend Ragouel.” And Raphael happily obliges.
Angels are ever ready to walk with us and whisper in our ears the right way to go and the right acts to do. But they do not decide for us as they respect the freedom God has bestowed on us. It is we who must decide on our actions. Once we decide, they happily help us put it into action.
Am I conscious that angels walk beside me, ever ready to counsel me? How attentive am I to their gentle whisperings? Do I choose to act accordingly and seek their help in implementing them?


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