Commentary on the Gospel of


For his relatives Jesus is crazy, beside himself. He has lost his head and must go back to his house to make him think, for that they take his mother with them. And for the lawyers of Jerusalem, Jesus is possessed by a demon. Crazy and demoniac. Deranged and dominated by a bad spirit. Poor Jesus! It took a lot of courage and conviction to overcome such negative opinions of his own family and the teachers of his people. Let’s imagine how the disciples would be confused after hearing comments of such caliber about the Master that they were just beginning to follow! Jesus does not lose serenity. He confronts his adversaries with prophetic firmness. He unmasks the scribes by placing them before their own contradictions. And to his family, who considers him crazy and deranged, Jesus adds a new insanity: he declares that this small group of men and women from Galilee, sitting around him, who listens to his Word, are more his family that the ones who have come to look for him.

Before this brave and free Jesus, we must ask ourselves how many times we ourselves, who call ourselves Christians, that we call ourselves his community, we mask our cowardice before the newness of God and we take refuge in labeling and disqualifying what we do not want to admit: that where there is liberation, more health, more life and dignity the Spirit of God is acting.


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