Commentary on the Gospel of

Luke tells us that Barnabas was “a good man, filled with Holy Spirit and faith.” Barnabas rejoiced in the many blessings received by the people of Antioch. Only a good man can so delight in the wellbeing and good fortune of the other. Barnabas was an apostle who realized that whatever grace one has received is a free gift from God and hence is to be freely shared for the benefit of all. Thus, when he saw similar gifts and fruits of the Spirit in others, his heart rejoiced.

What is received freely as gift must be given freely as a gift. The apostles, and we too through them, are reminded that the many blessings and graces we have received—whether it is the gift of prophesy, healing, teaching, et cetera—are given freely and gratuitously to them, and therefore, must be shared generously for the building up of the Kingdom. Let us pray, through the intercession of Barnabas, for the grace to share our resources freely and to rejoice in the blessings of others.


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