Commentary on the Gospel of

Jesus does not abolish the Law; he provides a deeper understanding of the mind and heart of the Lawgiver so that our observance of the Law flows spontaneously from our appreciation of the Lawgiver. Let us take the case of a teenager who is asked to follow the curfew of returning home by 10:00 P.M. Knowing only the text of the Law can be oppressive for the teenager. However, one day she wakes up to the reality of the deep love and care of her parents. From that moment, the Law is no more an oppressive external enforcement, but an expression of the genuine affection of the parents. The teenager then observes the Law not out of compulsion but out of an inner freedom and appreciation for the spirit behind the Law. Similarly, when we wake up to the love of God and contemplate His face in Christ, we will fulfill the Law with internal freedom, moved by His Spirit. God’s glory and holiness will then reflect in our being.


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