Commentary on the Gospel of

“Eyes are the window of the soul” is an ancient proverb. Even science seems to agree: according to recent research studies, patterns in the iris can indicate whether a person is warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive. Thus there are different types of eyes, and more importantly, different types of looks that reveal the contents of our souls. Today Jesus warns us against the sinful ways of our eyes. Even a lustful glance is sinful as it reduces the other to a mere object of one’s pleasure.

The ethics of the Kingdom demand that we look at the other with compassion and love. Jesus’s own way of looking is the best example to follow: He looked at Peter, affirming him (Jn 1:42); at the rich young man and loved him (Mk 10:21); at people, with compassion (Matt 9:36); at the disciples, with encouragement (Matt 19:26);); at Peter after his denial, with a look that moved Peter to tears (Lk 22:61-62).
What sort of eyes and way of looking do I have? What do they reveal about my soul?


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