Commentary on the Gospel of

Christ makes everything new. In him, I am made into a new creature. My old ways of being and doing give way to new ways. But this newness can be frightening for me as well as others. It may cost me familiar times, places, and persons. My friends may no longer recognize me and walk with me. My own family members may reject me (Lk 12:49-53). The broad roads that I had walked before are no longer an option, and the narrow path I now tread can make me pretty lonesome. It can be tempting to return to the old and the familiar. Unfortunately, there are some who do return. In such moments of temptation, it will help to keep my gaze fixed on Christ and recognize the fruits of the newness that Christ creates in me. The reconciliation that Christ effects between God, human community, and me is worth many times more than the momentary pleasures of the old ways of living. So, let my “yes” to God be yes, and my “no” to lesser goods be a definitive no.


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