Commentary on the Gospel of

“How many persons are there in the Trinity?” asked the teacher. “All of us!” It was the wisdom that comes “out of the mouths of sucklings and babes.” But isn’t it only three? Yes, three Divine Persons – but all of us too, as the child said. We live in God. We are more accustomed to saying that God lives in us, but it is equally true that we live in God. Catherine of Siena, wrote, “The soul is in God, and God is in the soul, as the fish is in the ocean and the ocean is in the fish.” All of God is in me and all of me is in God! If you were to ask a fish to point to the ocean, it would have to point in three directions: up, all around and in. We too, when we want to point to God, have to point in three directions: up (or down, if you prefer to think of God as in depth), out, and in. We point up to God as Father (from childhood our neck muscles tell us to look up at our fathers and mothers); we point out (at eye level, so to speak) at the Word made flesh, who is like us in all things but sin; and we point in at the Holy Spirit who lives within us, for we are “temples of the Holy Spirit.”


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