Commentary on the Gospel of

Claretian Pulbications - Manila
Lectio Divina

Read: Ezra is called to be a prophet who will preach God’s message irrespective of people’s response. Paul does a plainspeak about his weaknesses which God gracefully uses for God’s own purposes. Jesus’ own townsfolk takes offense at his preaching and is astounded by their unbelief.

Reflect: It is interesting to note that Jesus is taken aback by the lack of faith among his own people. We, human beings, are normally astounded by the height of faith that some people have. Lack of faith seems a run-of-the-mill category, an everyday reality within and around us. But it looks like, for God, it is the opposite: For Him, faith is an everyday act and lack of faith is surprising. And how the lack of faith prevents even the efficacy of God’s own initiatives for human welfare: Jesus was unable to perform many miracles due to the hardness of people’s hearts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have faith as an everyday presence in our lives! Then we would see even our weaknesses and tragedies becoming channels of God’s Grace, as Paul could.

Pray: Pray for the gift of deep faith.

Act: In humility, surrender to God your weaknesses, asking Him to transform them for His purposes.


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