Commentary on the Gospel of

Marín Mena

“The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed”. The Kingdom of heaven is developing here

and now. The loving presence of God is within us and among us. God is quietly present in the

world, although sometimes we see the opposite.

Sometimes our life is boring and sad; the news shows us injustices, deaths and wars. Where is

God, his presence, his Kingdom? But if we trust Jesus, the question is different: How can we recognise the Kingdom of God? This seems a tiny thing. My answer is through silence, sacramental look and by critical analysis.

Silence is to live listening to our own heart and to stop to pray often without rushing.

Sacramental look means to watch everything, knowing that every little thing, meeting and act may offer us a deep sense, beyond the rampant superficiality.

But, can we do anything to make the seed of the Kingdom of God grow? I would say yes; being conscious of God as the protagonist. What we can do consists of imitating Jesus’ life and living like him in all aspects of our life: at home, in our daily relationships, in our way of consuming, in our studies and jobs, and definitely in the way that we look at the world and interact with it. 


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