Commentary on the Gospel of

Tom Lenz-Creighton University's Department of Pharmacy Practice

As I read today’s gospel and reflect, I am thinking about my mother because today is her birthday. She is an awesome lady who continues to live a full life, mostly doting on her grandchildren and playing golf with her friends – great stuff!

In today’s gospel, Matthew tells the story of Jesus teaching and mentoring his disciples, much the same as parents do with their children. As a boy, I can remember many occasions when my mom and dad would come to my rescue and fix a situation that I was unable to fix myself. And, I think the same can be said as my wife and I raise our own children. The relationship between parents and their children is like no other. The bonds that form from living and growing together are truly a gift and are a wonderful example of God’s plan for people to be connected to one another.

As I picture Matthew’s story in my mind, I picture Jesus and his disciples having a similar relationship to that of parents and their children. This story tells of the disciples lacking the faith and confidence to drive out the dark spirit, so Jesus steps in to show them. What a great example of parenting. Parents are constantly teaching and mentoring their children on all aspects of life so that someday they can learn to live outside of their parent’s home and can one day do the same with their own children. The disciples were taught and mentored by Jesus so that one day they could teach and mentor others. This teaching and mentoring in the church that started with Jesus still continues today through our ordained priests, sisters, deacons, and through us, too. Parents do much the same within our own families as they pass along customs and traditions from generation to generation. The family that Jesus had with his disciples and the family that we have with our children are much the same in that they are both rooted in teaching and mentoring, but also in faith in God, faith in one another, and love.

So, today I am thinking about my mom. I am thinking about all the love, faith, teaching and mentoring that she has given me throughout my life and how similar that is to the relationship that Jesus had with his disciple and has with each of us. God’s plan for parenting is truly a gift and a wonderful example of His grace that lives within us. Happy birthday mom!


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