Commentary on the Gospel of

Claretian Pulbications - Manila

Lectio Divina

Read: Elijah, who is depressed and suicidal, feeds on the food of the angels and recovers. Anything that separates us from God saddens the Holy Spirit and we must avoid them. His listeners have a hard time taking in his “strange” teachings, but Christ insists that they take him seriously, for their own good.

Reflect: “They shall all be taught by God.” It looks like a great honor to be taught by God Himself, but when God does so, people tend to shy away in disbelief. This is what we find in the reactions of the people to Jesus’ teachings. Such reluctance to be taught by God is presumably because what God teaches goes against our sinful inclinations and inconveniences us. But such reluctance is to our own peril and saddens the Holy Spirit whose passion it is to help us understand Jesus’ teachings. What we need is an openness to the Spirit so that he can drive home what God wants us to learn, do and be.

Pray: Say a little prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Act: Do the Eucharist today.


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