Commentary on the Gospel of

Eileen Wirth-Retired from Creighton University

In my dream, the doorbell rang and I answered it wearing my standard summer attire: jean shorts, a Creighton t-shirt and sandals. I wasn’t expecting company but there was Jesus, asking if he could join me for the day in my modest brick home in midtown Omaha.

Flustered and surprised (just like the folks in today’s gospel) I invited Jesus in, apologized for my attire and asked if he’d like some coffee. Oh, why hadn’t I made brownies last night??? I did the full-fledged Martha routine (we Midwestern farm girls never get over it), forgetting that Jesus had preferred Mary. Oops!

Well, at least I was awake!!!

Jesus told me to relax. He just wanted to spend a typical day with me. He said this so warmly that I realized this is why I call on him frequently for help or to offer something up or to say thanks. This wasn’t a master pulling a surprise inspection.

Jesus sat on my deck and we chatted while I cleaned it and then we returned some books to the library. I asked him if tomato soup would be okay for lunch since he wanted me to do my regular thing. And besides, with no warning, it was hard to prepare anything better. 

I said grace but it seemed awkward since he knows I usually forget it. After doing dishes, we headed out to meet my parish refugee task force co-chair for coffee. Jesus liked that. He told us he was glad we were following his admonition in the the Sermon on the Mount to welcome the stranger. At last I had impressed him, at least a little.

Going home we got caught in a traffic delay since Omaha has cornered the market on orange cones for road construction. A naughty word almost escaped when another driver forced his way into a lane ahead of me but Jesus didn’t seem shocked. When we got home, I asked him if he’d like to come to the gym but he said he had another visit scheduled.

Then, alas, my dream ended. However, the visit continued because Jesus is here most of the time. I don’t pray formally a lot but over the years of writing these reflections, Jesus has become part of my daily life. 

In all honesty, I had trouble relating to the tone of today’s gospel because it stressed fear of the master rather than love for the master. Jesus loves us. He’s not playing gotcha with us. He knows we’ll mess up from time to time but he’ll always take us back.

So welcome Jesus into your home. Say good morning to him and talk to him as you go about your mundane life. Don’t worry about what ould find on a surprise visit because loves you as you are. 


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