Commentary on the Gospel of

Scott McClure-Creighton University's Magis Catholic Teacher Corps

These words show Simon’s reaction to being chosen by Jesus to be His disciple. From these words, we see a Simon that appears to feel unworthy, self-conscious, and ill-equipped to accept this personal invitation. I find Peter to be quite relatable as a follower of Jesus, even simply as a human being. The number of times I have felt inadequate in my life is more than I can count and we can be pretty talented at thinking of reasons why we may not be up to this or that task. I don’t have the right degree or training… I didn’t attend a prestigious enough school...I’m not qualified...I have never done this before...I’m not holy enough…

In his Life of the Beloved Henri Nouwen discusses what it means to be chosen by God. He explains that, whereas there is a competitive element to being “chosen” in human terms, no such element is present when God chooses. He does so in a way that touches each person uniquely and in their uniqueness. Notice, also, that Jesus does not make the conventional choice based upon those we may elevate with special importance in human terms. Jesus chooses not those whom others would have seen as elite, but fishermen. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God… (1 COR 3:19)

Envision Peter, standing before Jesus and receiving His invitation. Imagine yourself in this scene. Just like He called Peter, Jesus calls each of us uniquely to follow Him, just as we are. You, alone, are enough.


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