Commentary on the Gospel of

Cindy Costanzo-Creighton University's College of Nursing
In Luke 7 11-17, the young man of Nain is en route to be buried, accompanied by his mother, when Jesus lays his hand on the coffin and says, “'Young man, I tell you to arise…' .upon which he sat up and began to speak.” As I reflect on Luke 7, my thoughts center on the many miracles that Jesus performed. Cures, healing, resurrection of the dead, walking on water, turning water into wine, multiplying bread, the withering fig tree. What are the messages Jesus is trying to communicate? What are the lessons to be learned? I believe Jesus is demonstrating his compassion, love and mercy for humanity. He is saying believe in my love for you, don’t carry your burden alone and have faith in me! Do I need miracles of curing, resurrection of the dead, or walking on water to believe in Jesus? A wonderful Jesuit priest who recently passed said ….I believe I am in the presence of God daily here on earth. My family, friends, colleagues, the gardens, the seasons…all are signs that God is here on earth with me everyday. A simple but profound statement. I want to believe that I am in the presence of God daily. My evidence includes the following. I have a wonderful Father who just turned 89 and is in good health. He lives close to me and calls me daily. I just spent a wonderful week with my sister and daughter on vacation. We laughed, told stories, read books and reconnected. My son is coming to visit this week and I am excited to see him. My youngest son who lives in town recently took me out to lunch for my birthday. I have wonderful colleagues and friends that are important to me. I am blessed and recognize that God is here with me on my life’s journey. I am thankful.


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