Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Gregory Ekene Ezeokeke, cmf

Payment of Tithes is recommended for the sustenance of priests under certain conditions (cf. Deut 18:1-8; 26:12). However, once again, Jesus challenges not the paying of tithes but a destruction of the spirit of the law behind the paying of tithes by the religious authorities of his day. One thing the leaders of the Church and all of us should endevour to do is to make sure that rules do not become burdens and they become burdens only when they serve no purpose and become axiomatic. Love free us all from the burden of slavery which excessive legalism brings. This is why St Augustines says, “love and do whatever you will”.


Alok Nag Alok Nag
on 16/10/18
Good reflections
Jamesvow Jamesvow
on 17/10/18
Great post.
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