Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Gregory Ekene Ezeokeke, cmf

The canticle of the servant in Isaiah 53 presents the servant of Yaweh who inspite of his oppression is confidently presented as an expiation of sinners. Jesus in the Gospel reminds his disciples who were seeking glory that the character of his mission will be defined by sacrifice. The question for every Christian is; how much are you ready to sacrifice for your faith?

Sometimes, believing in God becomes a test of endurance where God passes us through the furnace of sacrifice for the redemption and good of not only ourselves, but of others too. Believing in Jesus means believing in his mission and the character of his mission. The God who incarnated to suffer for our sake. We should all incarnate the mission of Jesus in our person and like St Paul say; it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. This in turn means that I am ready to take my cross and walk behind him.


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