Commentary on the Gospel of

Robert Kycia cmf

I will come to you

According to the first reading, God often comes to us like a thief, without telling us at what hour to expect him. If you want to meet the Lord, you must count on his word; you must wake up and make your soul ready for him. But sometimes God comes to us like a landlord, standing at the door, knocking and waiting for us to let him in. Zacchaeus, although too short to see Jesus because of the crowd, was not too sinful to meet him using a sycamore tree. And when he let Jesus stay at his sinner’s house, at the same time salvation came in.

Now, think what bothers you as you try to catch a glimpse of Jesus (what makes you too short to see him) and what you are able to do to meet Him (what things could be your sycamore trees). Then, listen to his calling and invite him to your heart. He will come in to share his life with you. 


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