Commentary on the Gospel of

Fred Hanna-Creighton University's Department of Fine and Performing Arts
The season of Advent focuses our attention to the baby Jesus, our Savior, wise men, gift-giving, and of course, Mary.  I am currently sitting in an ice and snow covered wonderland, worried about the kids, how they are doing in work (projects, deadlines, stress) and school (homework, studying, final exams.)  That worry is because of our love for our kids and the hope they will lead fruitful, blessed lives on earth with a love for the Lord.  So did Hannah, who dedicated her son, Samuel, to a life of serving the Lord.  Her life was blessed.  And equally, today’s Gospel story presents the glory shown to Mary who would soon bring Jesus to us on earth.  Her life also was blessed.

The love we see from Hannah and Mary is an example of how we love our children as they grow in, and with, the Lord.  I also pause to think that my parents had the same love for me, just as Jesus does for us.

Let us be thankful for the blessed life of Jesus, the love of his earthly parents, and heavenly father, and for us.


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