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Mariana Miller-Creighton University's Ministry and Christian Spirituality Programs
Memorial of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops and Doctors of the Church

We just celebrated Christmas. We have spent the past week or so rejoicing in the mystery of Emmanuel, God with us, manifested in a little infant born in a manger. As a mother I feel that it is so easy to welcome and embrace an infant. They are pure goodness and transmit peace and positive energy to those who hold them, you can look at them for the longest time and just rejoice in the miracle of life. They bring us light and joy. Jesus brought light and joy to the world, and that’s what we are grateful for and what we celebrate. But what do the light and joy that Jesus brought mean?

In the Gospel passage today we see that John the Baptist when asked by priests and Levites sent from Jerusalem if he was the Christ, he responds that he is not. He tells them that he baptizes with water but there is one coming after him whose sandal strap he is not worthy of untying. John adds that that one is already among us and we don’t recognize him.

During this time after the Christmas season let us reflect on who is the Christ who is among us and whom we don’t recognize. Perhaps it’s not that infant anymore, the one that was so easy to welcome, to embrace, to nourish. Who is Christ for me today? In what ways am I invited into his light and joy?


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