Commentary on the Gospel of

Claretian Pulbications - Manila


Mark often drives home a lesson by inserting one story within another. Here the healing of a little girl is interrupted by the account of Jesus healing a woman who had suffered for twelve years (the same age as the child) from a flow of blood. In a revea­ling comment, we learn that Jesus felt that healing power had gone from him. Apparently this power had been activated by the simple faith of a poor sick wo­man, who had sought to touch his garment. In stepping forward, the woman might have braced herself against the crowd’s revulsion. Her condition would have rendered her unclean. Her very touch had the power of defilement. Yet she had dared to touch Jesus’ garments, trusting that the power of Jesus was at the service of love, not judgment. And in touching his garment she immediately felt herself to be healed. 

Christ was present in that crowd in all his love and power. But it was a poor, frightened, untouchable woman whose faith recognized that power, ­awakened it with a touch, and brought it into full view. “Daughter,” Jesus said, “it is your faith that has made you well.” Then he goes on to heal ­another daughter. 


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