Commentary on the Gospel of

Stan Ekwujuru, cmf

The Gospel passage of today opens with the words of Jesus reminding us of the fruits of being children of the Father. He is always willing to listen to us, to open to us and to grant our heart desires.  Listening to these words, the Gospel passage we heard two days ago comes to mind. Building a filial relationship with Our Father helps us situate the words of Jesus.

In a magical way, we may distance ourselves from Our Father and from Our Father’s house only to remember the way to the church, the bible, our rosaries when beseeched by trials and storms of life. We don’t merit God’s blessings yet our journey to the father requires us to cultivate our filial trust (and faith) in Him though Christ.

This is a daily process. We pray for the grace trust God at all times and to cultivate our filial relationship with Him through prayer and doing His will.


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