Commentary on the Gospel of

Stan Ekwujuru, cmf
The Gospel reading of today presents us with the call of Peter by the Lord to be part of his ministry. Jesus needed help for his ministry and he got it from Peter who lent him his boat and services by putting out a little away from the shore. And he taught the crowds from the boat. Today, Jesus continues with his ministry of teaching and calling people to repentance. He invites us to lend him our boats. My hand, my mouth, my will, can become a helpful instrument for the dissemination of the good news.
The gifts that we have received from God can in turn become our offerings to God for the establishment of his reign. Why limit our strengths, energies, intelligence, resources only to personal use? Can I support the growth of God’s kingdom with the little resources with which God has blessed me? Can I spread the Gospel by lending my voice to the choral and my knowledge to the catechism commission? Does my faith go beyond receiving to donating? We pray for the grace not to refuse Christ our boats for his ministry.


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