Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

The oneness of the Father and the Son is beautifully captured in the words of Jesus. Everything Jesus has is from the Father. Everything he does is as the Father does. The Father gives life, and so does the Son. The Father goes on working, and so does the Son. The Father does not judge, but has entrusted the judgment to His Son, but the Son says he will only judge by what he hears from the Father and will follow His will. Given their intimacy and unity, anyone who sees and knows the Son sees and knows the Father. It is as if one lives for the other; as if they live in each other.

We are generously invited into this beautiful communion between the Father and the Son. For, Yahweh vouches that even if a mother forgets her child at her breast, He will not. It is rare that a mother abandons her infant! Even if it happens (and sadly, it happens at times!), God will never let us go from His loving embrace.  In Him we live, move, and have our being (cf. Acts 17:28), and so, even when we fall, we fall on to Him! How blessed we are!

(Note: This reflection is a revised and updated version of the author’s own reflection for the same readings in the Bible Diary 2013 [Claretian Publications]. All rights reserved. He may be contacted at:


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