Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

            “You are from below and I am from above.”

            It does matter where we stand and from where we look at: a scenery, a person, an event, a memory…. Looking at something right in front of us from a lower ground gives a limited, linear view; but taking a look from a mountain top will give a very different perspective, a circular view with the possible interconnectedness of things around.

            The same applies to taking a higher view—or shall we say a deeper view?—when it comes to matters spiritual. The constant misunderstanding between Jesus and his listeners, which is a feature throughout the fourth gospel, is, among other things, a consequence of differences in perspective: The limited perspective and skewed vision of the human beings and the unhindered, all-inclusive perspective of Christ – God – who knows and sees everything, even deep into the secret movements of the human heart. If only we could hitch-hike on God’s perspective, how differently, lovingly, affirmingly will we see people around us as well as ourselves! Yeah, it’s possible, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, who is given to those who truly long for him. 


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