Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

            There is a paternity controversy in today’s gospel.

Everyone in the episode claims to be a descendant of Abraham and belong to God, but somehow their “genetic fingerprints” do not match! For, a child of God should do as God does; a child of Abraham should do as Abraham did. Evidently, only Jesus’s words and deeds seem to pass the spiritual DNA test.

Not that the other people do not belong to God. In fact, they do. But the genetic fingerprints of God in their souls have been so blurred and hidden away that they themselves cannot access or recognize them. The genes of God have remained dormant, unable to sprout. The potential is waiting to be unearthed and unleashed.

Jesus tells them how to regain the lost connection: allow his words to take root within, and his words will set them free to reclaim their true identity. And in the process, they will come to recognize Jesus as well as others as their own siblings under one Father who is also Mother.


 (Note: This reflection is a revised and updated version of the author’s own reflection for the same readings in the Bible Diary 2013 [Claretian Publications]. All rights reserved. He may be contacted at:


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