Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

The great encounter of the three!

What “an encounter” of three – the Resurrection himself; the one raised; and all wrapped in love!

While the Giver and the recipient of the resurrection share a meal, their beholder, ‘the disciple, in the person of Mary’, manifestly “falls in love”. She is “deeply enwrapped,” “completely absorbed” and or “convincingly engrossed” in her love for the Lord Jesus Christ. She practically fulfills the expression “seeing the Sign, they (disciples) believed”.

No reservations in expressing her love! Just think about it, ‘a lady wiping a young man’s feet with her hairs.’ Ordinarily, one would say that she went too far. But literally speaking, it depicts her realization (following “the sign”) that she had fallen in love with her redeemer, the Christ! Mary’s action reflects as a tiny particle of diamond radiating the love expressed by Christ for us: though God, takes the form of a servant just to save those whom he loves!

We are in the Holy week – special moment of meditatively entering more deeply into the personal conviction of the Lord’s love for each one of us. How much, like Mary, do I go beyond my challenges and difficulties, unto acknowledging and acting upon the quality presence of the Lord as giving meaning to my life? In the cloud of frustration a parishioner repulsed the idea of listing ten positive things that happened to her within the week! Later, she came back excited: “I found fifteen, but it was difficult at first.” And the reply was “well done!” Acknowledging the gracious presence and “signs” of Jesus trigger positive impulses!

In what ways do I share with others my appreciation of Jesus’ promptings in me? Suggested actions are being: giving as Charity; letting go as forgiveness; and rejoining as reconciliation!


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