Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

He has Risen alleluia!

Women’s decoration of the tomb on the eighth day after the burial of a male relative signifies respect for the dead man in some parts of Nigeria! The marked difference is that these women were going to anoint the body of Jesus, not just to decorate the tomb! Jesus’ body was already anointed for burial by Mary, as he declared (Mt 26, 12).  Jesus allows us to share his anointing through baptism. And the oil of anointment repulses contrary spirits! Beloved in the Lord be mindful of the sacredness of your body, effective from baptism.

Lo and behold this anointed body is not in the tomb! The tomb is empty! Empty tomb does not explain what has happened to the body deposited in it.  Did the body walk away? No, for he was confirmed dead and dead bodies don’t walk: his legs were not broken on the cross because he was already dead (John 19, 33). And he was actually buried because Joseph of Arimathea asked permission from Pilate and thereafter laid Jesus’ body in his new tomb (Mt 27, 58; Luke 23, 52). And the women were following on the day of his burial, such that they knew where he was buried (Luke 23, 55). Thus, he actually died and was buried! No wonder all got confused including Peter, wondering what could have happened.  Beloved, in the midst of confusion and helplessness, keep on trusting the Lord, for He intervenes at our crossroads! He is God of surprises!!

Thanks to divine intervention! Two angels in shining clothes declare the Good News, the famous kerygma: “He’s risen!” The greatest event in human history, the Resurrection has just taken place. Rejoice! Celebrate, for you partake of Christ’s resurrection through baptism in his name. Amazing!! Lord, renew the grace of your resurrection within us, amen.


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