Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

The refusal to believe is persistent. It is natural to human beings to resist what is not reasonable to ordinary thinking and understanding. The disciples of Jesus heard him say he would defeat death, and no one believed it when he did it. The women on Sunday morning went to the tomb to anoint the body, not to see the Risen Lord. Everyone is skeptic and no one is willing to commit to the cause of the resurrection.

The approach of Jesus at this juncture is remarkable. He is not disappointed with his disciples. He does not distrust them but on the other hand entrusts them with the most important task, the great commission to take the Gospel to the whole world. In the disciples, each one is present and is entrusted with a share of this mission. Pope Francis in his words repeats this call: “every Christian is to be an evangeliser, to bring good news to those around them. This leaves no space for sulking or self-absorption or doubting!”

There are moments where we doubt and are hesitant even if we know the truth. We also will encounter unconvincing, reluctant and stubborn response to what we proclaim. Yet the trusted mandate is “to go and proclaim Good News to the whole creation.”


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