Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF
“Peace be with you.” A prized greeting that any one longs to listen to and a gift to be possessed. Jesus greeted the disciples with peace and freedom by dismantling false securities and defences that they had built around. The world of resurrection is a new world – a world of peace and joy. The key to this world is within. Jesus would gladly visit my world, provided I open the locked doors for him.  The disciples were locked in. The visit of Jesus opened them to a new world. Jesus gave them the gift of peace, the gift of the Spirit. The unbelieving Thomas was totally transformed as he lets himself to be touched by the Lord. The faith born out of this encounter is enduring. “My Lord and My God” is an inerasable proclamation of faith.


Faith has its foundation in peace. St. Augustine thinks peace as an ‘order.’ This is an order of relationships. It implies an orderly relationship with God, within me and with people around. Where there is this order, there is peace. Jesus entrusted his disciples the power of the Spirit to forgive, an act that would bring order, and peace would follow. Let every restless heart seek forgiveness and reconciliation and find the way of peace.


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