Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Every who met Jesus returned discovering meaning of life. Many restless souls found peace in Jesus. Nicodemus was one of them. He was searching, he was restless and was a pilgrim. His search brought him to knock the heart of Jesus. The door that was opened before him was an eternity of truth and meaning. He was given a taste of heavenly things. He was led into the mysteries of God’s working. God is free in his works like a wind. He works in the way he wishes. And so is the one in and through whom God works. His thinks and acts differently from the way the world expects of him.

Nicodemus had the confidence to look up to Jesus to find answer for his search. Jesus promptly places him as an example before anyone who searches for truth, peace and meaning. “Anyone who looks up to the lifted Son of Man” finds all these summed up in eternal life. The dialogue of Nicodemus with Jesus is a model of heartfelt prayer. A genuine dialogue with God enables us to see everything in the way God sees. God’s point of view becomes visible to our eyes.  It leads to a unique intimacy with God and a opens the door to a new world of meaning and purpose.


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