Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

Read:   Empowered by the Spirit, the apostles preach the Gospel fearlessly, rejoicing even in the midst of persecution. John witnesses in a vision how the whole creation worships and adores the Lamb, slain yet alive and standing.  The Risen Christ feeds the disciples and commissions Peter to feed his sheep. 

Reflect: Do I compromise the proclamation of the Gospel for fear of rejection and ridicule? Do I give praise, honour, glory, and worship to God and God alone? How generously do I feed people who are starving for God? 

Pray:  One of the dismissal greetings at the Mass is: “Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.” I pray for the grace to do so. 

Listen: As Jesus did with Peter, he wants to take me aside and talk to me. What does he say to me? 

Act:     Having listened to what Jesus asks of me, I will write down my response. 


(Note: This reflection is a revised and updated version of the author’s own reflection for the same readings in the Bible Diary 2013 [Claretian Publications]. All rights reserved. He may be contacted at:


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