Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland C. Onuekwusi, CMF


May 11 – John 6: 60-69 – False or true discipleship

This gospel passage presents two types of discipleship and what characterizes each of the groupings: False, not ready disciple; and true, faithful disciples!

The first group, constituted by false discipleship – following without conviction! Those who are attracted by the signs and wonders: to them it is wonderful having their sick healed; their blind see; enjoying free feeding in the desert; beholding their lame walk! There is nothing wrong with obtaining miracles but the difficulty of the false discipleship is failing to see beyond the physical signs. They happily keep following the Lord as long as he manifested supernatural powers. But their dance gets twisted when He invites them to believe in the greatest of the signs, namely that God is REALLY present with them here and now; present in the flesh and that this same flesh must be consumed in order to have eternal life. This flesh is the Holy Eucharist in which He is really present. Hearing the word is not the problem, they heard him clearly, but it was intolerable to them. At the moment they are only ready for the external manifestations! And so they left! Just think of the number of persons who leave following Jesus each day because adultery, bribery, cultism, idolatry, etc is not compatible with continuing to receive Holy Communion. 

On the other hand, the genuine disciple ‘believes’, just as Peter expressed on behalf of each one of us. The genuine disciple appreciates the signs and wonders too, yet goes beyond them: believes in the one who provides them. The true disciple proclaims: let your will be done Oh Lord!  And this is trust at its highest level. Poor or rich, sick or healthy, young looking or old looking does not make any difference in their attachment to the beloved. Lord, give us the grace to faithfully persevere in our communion with you unto eternity, amen. 


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