Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Onuekwusi Chidiebere, CMF

May 13 – John 10: 1 – 10 Stay with Jesus the Shepherd

We are presented with two images: of the thief and the shepherd. The thief sneaks in, disguised and with the sole aim of stealing the sheep to destroy and to slaughter. What a cruel and violent project! And yet many are lured away to follow the thief because of their disguise, their mask present them like the shepherd! What a deception!! We are therefore reminded of Christ’s warning in Matthew’s gospel account (Chapter 24:5), that many will come pretending to be “Christ” but only to deceive and destroy. This is quite crucial that some people who are naturally smart, use their intelligence to creatively lure some unsuspecting ‘little ones’ into their schemes, just to disastrous end. How do we know them? Put every spirit to the test! Our Mother, the Church has always asked us to discern properly before we act.  We are therefore beaconed upon to be mindful of those who manipulate nature and present the consequences as miracles and wonders, simply to attract followers who are oblivious of their hidden intention!

In contrast, the shepherd is known and recognized by the door keeper and the sheep: the voice is familiar and he enters through the Door. And our Lord Jesus Christ is this ‘Door’ that leads us to salvation. He knows each of us by name and when we stay with him, we are able to recognize his voice. And so it is very important for each of us to “stay with Jesus” our Shepherd, always. 


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