Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Onuekwusi Chidiebere, CMF

May 18 – John 14: 7 – 14 Jesus is one with the Father.

Our Lord begins what turns out to be the great revelation of his divinity at a deeper level. Not deeper level from his side but from the side of his disciples’ comprehension. He is one with the Father!  Still on the post Last super address, the disciples are still caught up in shock and disappointment that they were about to lose the presence, the togetherness, their sharing with the One they had come to believe to be the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, the Savior! Is like saying: ‘we are finished!’ He who literally did all things well is clearly ‘abandoning’ us! He had been our stronghold!!

If you have ever parted for good with someone who played the most significant role in your life then you may easily have a feel of what the Twelve were going through! And our Lord responds to this emotionally tensed situation by reiterating on his ‘Person’ in relation to the Father: his “Divine identity” to them, for their deeper appreciation of who he really is ‘one with the Father!’ Certainly this ought to be a deeply rooted consolation for them, as he comforts them, helping them to welcome and convincingly believe that his physical absence does not stop him from being present to them! He acknowledges, to their credit that they believed that the Father provided for them, and being one with the Father, he will go on providing for them and for us all.

And so, he reassures them just as he reassures each one of us that if they asked anything in his name, he will do it! In desperation what do we do? When one finds oneself helpless, the Lord says to the believer: stay with me, call upon me, I will be there with you! The Lord Jesus does not leave us orphans at any point; he is faithful to his promise and so provides for us always. Lord, you who are one with the Father, help us to keep deepening our trust in you, our great provider, amen.


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