Commentary on the Gospel of

Edgar L. Zamudio, cmf

“Follow Me”, Jesus said to Peter. But it seems that he is very much concerned about the other disciple that he failed to immediately respond to the call. Everyone of us are called to follow Jesus and each one of us must be creative in responding to this call. Each one of us has its own history in the same way that each one of us has its own way of following Jesus. Each one of us has its own personal relationship with Jesus and we are directed by Him if we accept such call to follow Him.

            The reading of today make us  aware of the mission that is entrusted to us by Jesus in this particular time. While we do of course need to be responsible for the well-being of our brothers and sisters, just as Peter has been so concerned with the other disciple, our main concern must focus on what God is telling us and not be too concerned about what He expect from others. Oftentimes, by to concerning ourselves with others that we become railroad to the main agenda that we have in our life, that is , fulfilling first the mission entrusted to us  by the Lord, responding to His call, only then that we would become well prepared for what goes beyond our mission, the others. Only when we have possessed ourselves fully, that we would be able to give it to others.

            For the imminent approach of Pentecost, we should remember that the Spirit is always here with us to continue teaching and guiding , and leading us ever deeper into the meaning of the Word of God.


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