Commentary on the Gospel of

Edgar L. Zamudio, cmf

           “The Law is nothing but the Law of the rich”, one politician said. It is true that those who are rich and powerful oftentimes twist and control the Law in order to serve their purpose, they don’t even suffer the consequence of violating the Law,while those who are poor and powerless suffers when they violate the Law.

         In today’s Gospel reading, we could see that the Law and the Prophets indicate the mind of God. The Son of God, Jesus just added a divine dimension to them. What Jesus is telling us is that observing external law is not enough, what He wants is a listening, generous and discerning heart like His. Such Law is only good because it leads to Christ. The spirit of the law is fulfilled only when there is love.

         The communities could not be against the Law nor could they close themselves off in the observance of the Law. Like Jesus, they should advance and show in practice the objective that the Law has wanted to attain in people’s lives, that is, the perfect practice of Love. And it is the mission of the community, its reason for being, is to be able to observe the law of God and its complete fulfillment.

         If only the people in today’s world would put into practice Christ teachings about the Law, what a wonderful world we would be living in. But such is not the case, and we who knows better, who follows the Law of God, the Law of Love, may find its fulfillment in the life to come. As what was said, those who have less in life, will find a better place in the afterlife. If and only if, we have succeeded in fulfilling the Law of Love.


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