Commentary on the Gospel of

Christian James Castro, cmf
Jesus taught us how to pray and call God our “Father”. What a great consolation to call God Father. It makes our relationship with God very personal and intimate. He becomes so near and dear to us. We come to share the call to be children of God, we become His sons and daughters. And we know how much a Father or a Mother loves his or her children. They will do anything and everything for their children to be happy and fulfilled. 

I remembered my Dad, the night before my ordination. I asked him, “Dad, what if I fail and decide to leave my priesthood after years of being a priest?” He hugged me and said “if you decide to leave your ministry, come home! You will always be my son!” At that moment, I felt so loved by my Dad. Nothing will stop him from loving me as his son, not my failure nor shortcoming will stop him from being my father. “If a sinner father can love you as much, how much more your heavenly Father can Love you.”

It is so comforting to know that no matter what, God will always be our Father, and we will always be his sons and daughters. We might fail, stumble and fall so many times, and we are certain that He is there waiting and willing to catch us from our every fall to help us rise once again. His love and mercy for us is great and will always be there. As a priest, I have failed so many times even to the point of leaving my vocation. I have gloried myself in the name of self-actualization more than Him but He never gets tired of inviting me back, renewing my call to serve him as his priest and minister. His Love as a Father is far greater and bigger than all our sins and failures. God is our Father and He will always be!


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