Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Ex 24: 3-8; Mt 13: 24-30

In this parable of the Kingdom of God, we note that for the present, there are good and bad within the kingdom.  What is stressed is the co-existence of the good and the bad within the kingdom.

Jesus warns against over-zealous ‘weeders’, those who pronounce judgment on divorcees, HIV+-effected people, migrants, homosexuals, non-Christians.  We cannot be certain who is ‘in’ or who is ‘out’.

 We are simply invited to lay off judging and weeding, and hope for a change from weed to wheat.  The Kingdom is organic, and thus change is possible. God’s covenant of love is our guarantee. 

Notice the parable is sandwiched within two slices of prayer. 


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