Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF and Andrzej Kobylski cmf

Matthew 13:47-53

In this story about the haul, we may find an idea very similar to that which is present in a parable about the darnel in the field. The story itself comes from the life they live and the scenes they see every day. As deferent creatures live in a sea or lake and fishermen catch them but take only those which are suitable for eating, people are free to live in their own way but only till the end arrives. It means the Kingdom is for all people but it is a test for them as well; it is not supposed to last forever and at the end all people will be evaluated. The idea of evaluating people – their style of life, seems to be atrocious in the world which is possessed by political correctness. We are sure we were not called to judge and this is the truth. But on the other hand, it is us who will be evaluated by God, each of us. The blazing furnace is a picture of our inevitable future; it is a picture of pain, suffering, lack of the presence of God and lack of a sense of life; it is a picture of condemnation – another word which is not allowed to be used in modern society.

However, it would be pointless if this parable announced only the judgement and nobody could change his fate. There is no predestination in Jesus’ message. So, do we have possibility to turn back from a wrong path? Certainly, we do, then change what you need to change, eradicate your sins and cultivate your virtues.



Commentary by Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

           The mandate of the Church is to be “fishers of people.” Jesus did not specify what sort of fish to fish. All kinds are welcome – the legals, the illegals, and the semi-legals; the saints and the sinners; the rich and the poor; those from the underdeveloped world and the hyperdeveloped one; those on the margins and at the center—in short, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyone is welcome, everyone must be fished in. That’s what the parable of the day informs us. The drag-net that is lowered into the waters takes in whatever/whoever comes on its way. And who knows? The one whom we considered ugly might turn out to be the most beautiful, and vice versa! We have to shelve our judgements and biases, and wait patiently until the end of times to know who is actually who.

            This is significant in these days when the world is bent upon erecting boundaries in the geographies of the nations as well as of the hearts, excluding people from alternative futures on the basis of nationalities, race, legalities, etc. The Church must be the sign of breaking down walls and embracing everyone as God’s family. The final separation or judgement is left to God who knows the hearts and the secret desires of everyone.

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF -


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